A Look at the Portuguese World

The edition of this week gives voice to the insurgent, the ones that are out of norm and follow their own voice, like some of my guest. 





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Highlights of this edition

  • IThe criature is born and the work is done

    The criature is born and the work is done

    This unusual project arose from Edgar Vicente's desire to make Portuguese music with other musicians and what started with only six elements was gaining strength and more instruments and at this moment is a band that more than singing in Portuguese makes a bridge between the traditional sound and a more contemporary layered sound, resulting in songs that go to meet the Portuguese and the identit...Readmore

  • II'm freer then

    I'm freer then

    This is a diary about an Angolan political prisoner, Luaty Beirão. An account in the first person that serve as testimony of the daily life during the 13 days that he was imprisoned in a jail of Angola and that still includes an interview with Carlos Vaz Marques where he approaches the 36 days of a hunger strike that left him in danger of life. Is this a diary about the time you were in ...Readmore

  • IFungus can clean microplastcis of the ocean

    Fungus can clean microplastcis of the ocean

    An unpublished study that emerged from a challenge launch to a third-year biotech class by Teresa Rocha Santos, lead researcher at the Center for Environmental and Air Studies at the University of Aveiro (UA) end up producing a discovery thanks to the tenacity of a young student, Ana Paços, that Zalerion maritimus, a very common fungus on the Portuguese coast, in an environment similar to...Readmore

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