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The periplus of ukeleles

Written by  yvette vieira fts Bárbara Fernandes

This art project is sponsored by the Association of Cavaquinho to promote the interest and disclosure of this national traditional instrument and its dissemination. There are 70 artists for 70 ukuleles that are constantly touring the country.

What was the origin of this exhibition of the cavaquinho and the invitation to various artists at the national level.
Júlio Pereira: Like almost everything begins with an idea, that sometimes we thought it might be funny or not, the truth is it started and was always welcome either by ukuleles builders, or by artists and the way it has been received by the public. Increasingly we received invitations to show case in several cities and especially because it will warn people to the question of the cavaquinho. The Association Cavaquinho does everything to investigate all with the practice of this instrument or the level of the builders, both in terms of players and educational sites. Everything we do is work backstage, people do not know or see what we are doing and exposure helps to inform the work of the association.

After the national tounée which is the result expected?
JP: The aim is not to stop ever. Also because the Cavaquinho Association does not have its own building and it makes sense this exposure walk around the world and we invite all.

How the project of ukuleles arises?
Carla Cabral: I received a call from Julio Pereira, I did not know him and made me an invitation to participate in the first exhibition that was scheduled for Lisbon, I accepted because I thought it was a good project.


What is your project?
CC: It is a very simple ukulele. It is a homengagem to Madeira, the tragedy of February 20th, more precisely the people who died and suffered in this storm. All this is symbolized by a figure, a character who is falling, to be carried by the water and has a tree in the head. It also has a reference, and the boxes entire construction which disappeared with the water, so I elaborated the building in three dimensions. Since it would represent Madeira wanted to make this analogy.

Luz Henriques: My ukulele is inspired by the sea. I used acrylic mixed media on wood in this case. There was only a degree of difficulty of the stand, as you know, I'm used to paint screens with 10 meters and then I find myself with a smaller area.

Helena Berenguer: I tried above all to make my mark, what identifies me in this transformation of the painting on the instrument. What I know about music is what I hear and I do not have a musical culture, the instrument I only know it from hear it play. I started to look at the ukulele with more affection, more carefully because it has a very relevant regional tradition and before did not pay it the due attention, I printed my personal touch and wanted it to be a visual piece as well.

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