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Portraits of the chaotic mind

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Andé Gonçalves is a young conceptual photograpy artist that makes us dive into surrealistic and deep scenarios and characters that almost whisper secrets and transport us to other worlds.

Why this exhibition?
André Gonçalves: I've done two other exhibitions before, but one of them was included in a collective. In Madeira have to basically promote us, I decided to send emails to various institutions, museums and cultural venues and got a response of Baltazar Dias theater.

What is the thread of this show? The photos refer to a gothic setting.
AG: I do not have a style, I have an identity created obviously, but I have several themes from the surreal, conceptual and still have pictures. I do not have a defined style, but I approach various topics of the photograpy and try to exploit them to the fullest.

Regarding the photos, you set a scenario and then inserts the characters? Or is there a story and then you build the picture?
AG: No, despite my images convey this idea is never so. When I'm shooting I never have a basic idea, just let me go, but I have a trunk and when I shoot take everything with me and then use what I think is best suited to the scene, or have a very basic idea of what I'll do . I'm not a photographer and I do not consider myself as such, what I like to do is image manipulation and is where I do almost all my work, which appears in the composition of the image, trying to convey a message through photograpy.

It is curious that underline this issue, because it is clear that there is a technique behind some almost tenebrous images.
AG: Yes, as I said I do not consider myself a photographer, but I have to take the pictures because it is the starting point of my work, I use photoshop, the images almost changed the whole, I do not run much away of the reality of the scenarios, it is as before, but then I distort the landscape in an almost cinematic effect, but in my opinion real.

You also have many self-portraits, why? I recalled that algns artists did this kind of work, first for lack of subject to paint, but also to determine the technique is that the case?
AG: Yes, I began with the self-portraits, but it's not for lack of work, I like me and do them.

You have considered a designer? Or artist?
AG: Artist yes, no photographer, no designer no, because I'm self-taught, I honestly do not have a definition, perhaps handler of images.

And what is your next step after this show?
AG: I have Scheduled an exhibition at the beginning of next year at Fnac, there will be for three months.

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