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Written by  yvette vieira

This is the cinematic adventure of director Luis Ismael that tells the story of a bunch of idiots in search of problems around every corner. A cult movie that already has its third edition. Unmissable.

How to describe the plot of bullets and cookies? The basic argument is, or almost nonexistent and I challenge you to count the number of f. .... which are said by the characters throughout the movie, but it is to die of laughter It is a cult movie because it went passed on hand in hand literally. What I mean by this? Bullets & Cookies did not opened in theaters, no. Its authors directly sold copies of the first film ever assembled and the success was immediate. So huge, that "landed" in the largest film festival in the city of Porto, the FantasPorto due to mouth to mouth. This was also my case, I first saw the pirated copy of a B&C 1 at the home of a colleague who assured me that was a straking film. In a first approach I admit, I was a little shocked by the language, then gut up and start to enjoy watching those idiots, and I can only use this endearment term to describe them, they do the worst atrocities in the sense that neither is good nor bad, it just is!
The first saga, in a way, friends Quim, Tone, Mouse and Bino are preparing a coup to make tons of money. Sure! And everything goes wrong! Clearly. The funny cath of this movie is precisely the text, or lack of... I do not know, because it reproduces in full the language that is used in the north of Portugal, the characters are faithful copies of reality, those "cromos" swarm Valongo, then there are scenes of beatings, gunshots and blood.
There is an iconic scene, at least for me, that's when Tone cames out of prison and decides to meet with this "girlfriend". It is simply hilarious! This film is not suitable for children. In fact the whole movie should be prohibited for minors. But, do not stand by what I'm saiyng. Watch and enjoy even now, because is already available the third adventure of this bunch of evil crooks. Have a blast in the cinema...at home.


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