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The electric body

Written by  yvette vieira

This is a documentary that deals with the everyday life of a inclusive dance group. A theme about difference that raises questions about the limits of human beings. One personnal approach were Die4films "offers" us a world not so different from ours.

Why "Dancing with the difference" for your first documentary?
Filipe Ferraz: We are starting the company, and needed a job with high visibility. One documentary, not so much the corporate videos we were doing. It was our risk for the production of "Dancing with the difference," was a little selfishness, given the visibility that they had too. Which is a project that is not only a regional but comprehensive global. And that allowed the documentary had an interest not only for locals.
Marta Leon: We thought it was a relevant project, which was not regional, it is done here in Madeira, but could be anywhere.

how did you approched the issue, which sought to give more emphasis to the dance group?
ML: We had nine months of shooting, we are gradually discovering what we wanted to give more emphasis. And it was not immediate. In the beginning was the dance, and it was the difficulties they face and then it was something completely different.
FF: ... then it became no longer about disability and became what people do, what they do regardless of their handicaps, and the background is the great asset of the group, transforms the flaws in qualities. From the moment a person with one leg starts dancing, dancing is not better or worst, because there is only one leg . And then it became a sort of general theory of how the world should be doing things, taking into account our strengths and our shortcomings.

Did you used a different filming technique?
FF: We arrange an unfocused camara (laughs). The camera broke down thru the middle of shooting, and then is a technique in which the focus causes the skin to look more smooth.
ML: The technique of Low budget. (Laughs)

Did sometihg failed in capturing the essence of your subject? Do you think here was something lef out, or more to say?
FF: Yes, I think we should have started interviews early because we would have created a closer relationship with them.

But it was important that closeness?
FF: Absolutely, because people only talk about what's inside when you're comfortable with who picks up the camera and asks the questions. And then we could have monitored better the time. Put them to talk. We were at first focused on the dance.
ML: I agree with Philip. We talked about the issue of handicap, but without the disability component. But with people who had a physical disability we can have that dialogue, but people without physical limitations had great difficulty in talking about their restrictions. We all have them. Some members of the group spoke openly, others were not so candid. And that was missing. We all have limitations.

You mean the physical difficulties, or just psychological?
ML: Physical also, we also have limitations, there are things that your body does not have enough elasticity to make. Everyone has limitations. More visible, less visible, but they are there.

What part did you like that most of the documentary?
ML: I liked to do everything, but especially the issues it raised. That is, there are days when things seem more difficult and then we see people with a great force. it's a life lesson, they face their problems, and more than face, they go forward, not thinking the same old thing. And there are people with immense strength. That is part of them. Been blind, not having a leg is something that they are born with, as I have five fingers, now lets see what you can do beyond that. And this is important to remember.
FF: I remember that we were dining after the shooting, and Tom was in a wheelchair, ordered a beer and the bartender asked me, but can he drinks? And for him that he was normal, but we were shoked. And this to illustrate what she said. He already knows that this is so, is your everyday life. For us this was shocking, but it makes us grow and realize that there are other ways of walking in the world rather than our own.

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