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Life in a a day

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A film by Rachel Freire with  Coimbra's academia as the background, their charms and disappointments.

Once said the song, Coimbra  has more charms in the hour of parting with this ritual and the end of the course that begins the story of Edgar who has just arrived in town and begins to unravel the rules governing students and the academy. Coimbra is one of the characters like herself says: I'm not just a city. I am a greenhouse. A nature reserve for students where they live in freedom. I'm sort of sweet, between adolescence and adulthood. But only for those who could study. Best. They know they are an elite. One January morning a man arrived. Fell in love with me and for my women. Fool, did not realize that I am not for anyone, but if you can, and that love will not open my old doors.
For those unfamiliar with the academic world, I can clarify that there are rules to enter, be in and out. And it is this essence of the movie, the laws implied a way of life for some strange, elitist to others, analyzed from the perspective of Edgar, who is on the outside. Not the doctor or engineer and during his "education" falls in love and out of love to the point of having a repulsive reaction to this world  being shown to him by three women in their completely different way of living and live the academy. In between is a crime that will not unravel, must see. Patience.
This feature film that I found interesting is the photography because the images are of great aesthetic beauty. We recognize all romantic places, the dark alleys and the shadows of the students gowns  through the city. Sound is one of the most incomprehensible part of the film, is always a tone lower than usual, I do not understand! Someone has to explain this mysterious phenomenon that strikes many of Portuguese films.

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