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The 4Litro to conquer the world

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They are four boys, all related to the arts, which backed their stand-up comedy with a taste of Madeira. The phenomenon appeared on youtube. They are a new generation of young comedians without fear of the future.

How did  4Litro start?

Luis Sousa: Started with me, Rubén, and Bernardo. We exist as a team for four years, that was when we started recording small sketches in a more sophisticated camera and made three videos at once. Then we puted on youtube, just to show to friends. They began to like it and then pulled out.
Bernardo Freitas: friends shared ...

And the name?

LS: As we were four and the rural areas usually you  invited friends to drink  eight ounces, and thus came the name.

Do you  write an script?

LS: Just write the basic idea and some loose ideas.
BS: We have a theme, choose the characters, he does this, others do that and from there began to have ideas and in the end we put everything together.
LS: We do the sketches out of  improvisation, and as we know it works well.
BF: If I say a line, he already knows what the other will say.

Why did you choose when creating "vilhões? Because it more funny?

LS: What we want is to portray the everyday of Madeira’s rurallife, becouse we come from the countryside it becomes easier.
BF: It is also better to do social criticism through these characters ... in the background we can criticize whoever we want.

I noticed on the videos posted,  despite being improvised, there are details of characterization, when you create the character you think about that? Or is it improvised?

LS: no, that is the result of observation ... we come from de countryside, and since always we always saw people like that.
BF: for example the scythe on his shoulder is from that observation.

Some of you feel  the fact of living on an island is limiting for your work?

BF: No, because the Internet allows us to have wings. We promote our work out, we contact with people who are emigrants in Britain, who see our videos there and when they are here  in Madeira they to us about it.
LS: migrants like our work, becouse it remembers home. It's a way to remember  that you were here, we have feedback from Venezuela, France ...

But they write you emails?

LS: No, there is a program that lets you watch on youtube where the videos are seen outside of Portugal.
And there is the comment area on facebook ...

Your characters mimic an accent  very unique  and the descendants of Portuguese who in most cases do not speak the language understand the video’s content?

LS: What they say is that you must watch the video at least twice to understand.
BF: But if I go to the countryside and talk to a person with that accent, it can also happen to be difficult to perceive. It is normal, the locals realize it, but we are no longer perceive in the mainland.
LS: I showed our work to colleagues there, they did not understand, but liked the way we used expressions, gestures ...

Have you thought of changing the type of characters and create others?

BF: we never draw away the characters we've ever created, but join even more.
Duarte Nunez: the theme is always the same, the rural world.
LS: One of our mottos is that we follow this line.
BF: Because as I said earlier, you can do whatever we want, we've had an Englishman.
LS: migrants who came from England.
BF: we  gather them all, but never took Carlos away.

What is your favorite character?

BF: He only makes the women’s caracter! (Laughs)
Ruben Sousa: I am Mary, Conception (laughs). When ever is a role of a woman, I am the sucker
BF: He likes to dress as a woman because he can hide behind the character. I even think that's his fetish ...
RB: No! (Laughs)
LS:  sometimes when he dresses as a man he has female ticks!
BF: and also uses this little voice! (Laughs) As a woman does…
BF: I have no preference, we have a craze now that we all are Carlos.  I'm Carlos, and Carlos likes Juan Carlos who is an emigrant. We also have the aunt who is always complaining.
LS: I like the aunt and the rude man, which is always aggressive and speaks up in a very laud way, that claims about for anything and everything.
DN: There is a dancer
LS: Yes, I forgot I like this because his character likes to dance pimba music.
DN: My best known is Crispim, but I always try to get different characters in order to clash with the 4litro is always different from them all.

Next gig of 4L?

BF: First let's take a vacation. (Laughs)
LS: We are also in the RTP program Irreverence  and we area writing a piece for display in various localities of Madeira, always with some improvisation.

Have you ever been invited to present the sketches out of the Madeira?
LS: someone already talked about it, but it was cancelled.
BF: no budget, they can’t pay for trips.
LS: recently was rejected our proposal for the secretary of tourism to represent Madeira at a fair in Lisbon, was a week ...


LS: We have thought of that ...
DN: texts we have for a big production, but we need to shoot a team to support us
BF: We have to have more than one camera, we have to have someone to shoot and we represent. Usually Ruben Films and act in front of the camera.

Who makes the assembly of the videos?

RS: I am. Tract most of the production.
DN: we lack a maecenas. Any way.
Left: What is a maecenas?
DN: Do you not know? It is an individual who supports the culture. (Laughs)
BF: We do not lack anything.
LS: we’re thinking in establish a cultural association, to register the group, is another objective.
BF: We have more support, only improvements, because when you are joined as a  project you need to have goals, but we have no text, what we do is stand up comedy and is thus more difficult to find a space to act.

Then you receive invitations to present your number stand up?

BF: have been some invitations.
LS: the show in “casa das mudas” home of the seedlings was well received.

In these shows, what kind of audience they appear?

LS: It's all young.

And the feedback is from youtube?

BF: Yes, and when we act we put some on facebook.
RS: The videos are great in youtube, but the answers are on facebook, people interact better, everyone is on there.

And the eldest? Do not address the group and say, I know a man who is just like?


It is gratifying?

BF: Of course we like feedback, because we do everything with pleasure. It’s good if it were otherwise it would not make any sense.


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