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The matter manipulators

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The H2Watts are a duo that in every scenario we propose a framework plastic handle with which water, light and sound to create a living organism. It's a show that appeals to the senses and not just the reflection.


What kind of show the H2Watts presents? This is not a show I realized that the conventional.


Caesar Star: This is a work that arises from ideas that wander, as all the work, I think. I apologize for having difficulty explaining, there are several bases that support the work and several ideas, we do that? Manipulate light and water and this initiative is to work with these elements. What we want is that instead of working forms, we work matters. For example, a puppet forms that are dare, we do that is to animate matters. And then comes the work of water and light. We are not actors.

And as the world of puppet that is made of mechanisms and physical things, we worked more this universe, the physical, we are the handlers, and that momentum is all physical things that create a spectacle. It is pure sensory pleasure and there is no message we wish to convey. This time it's water and electricity, but the future may be other issues such as land and see their behaviors and how they can produce aesthetically, what is your potential.


There is an interaction with the public, or just want to cause a reaction?


Sandra Pepper: It's just an aesthetic reaction, do not expect the public to interact, this is not the goal. Our goal is to take advantage as handlers of this matter, water, light and sound, and cause an aesthetic pleasure and not to manipulate this, or interact with the elements.

EC: Not that this idea has not yet arisen, but not this time. The first phase is to explore, but we subsequently offer.

SP: But for now, the show has no such goal.


Have used this show in other environments?


SP: We present only once in the Puppet Festival in Porto, a new section, WIP, Work in Progress.


What was the feedback from the public because it is something very different?


SP: It was very positive, it was very intimate, had only 40 people but was rewarding.

EC: There was a conversation later, was part of the presentation of about 20 minutes, between the public and the creators and we feared the public reaction. And finally there was a good conversation, because there were things in action that raised questions, the kettle, for example.

SP: Did we leave this subject as a pointer to the next show would be that the manipulation of steam, still unexplored, and people asked, what was there to make the kettle. It is still a work in progress ...


You are two, how did this partnership happen?


SP: We came in with Imaginarius other show, then decided to work in another direction and taking the matter which now is water and attach the light. In this presentation the previous limitavamo us to produce a rainbow.

EC: Of course we were very dependent on weather conditions, but this show made us reflect, that was not what we wanted to do, had the expected results.

SP: We decided to follow in a more controlled way.


You want the public to reflect?


H2W: No.


CE: The reflection may arise from a spontaneous, like when someone sees a post-sunset may think this is an example of a sensation. Now if the debate will happen or not, do not seek. This is not our way, that's a personal path. We do not want to induce any idea, question or make.


Following this presentation, what happens?


SP: Develop always ...

EC: It is the job is very suitable for this sequel, because it relies on plastic exercise, we constantly see the reaction of water with this and that and the light, and if metermos here or there, there are a lot of whys.

SP: Even water has several states, liquid, solid and gas that can be exploited. To have worked in liquid form.

CE: How can we work this? What it can offer us in terms of frames. Because it does not happen just with this show, we live much of projections, but that's all we want our work lies. We intend to direct action, for example, the melting ice may fall on a hot plate that will play a sound, or make a smoke cannabis. It's almost to create an efficient body and we are there with drivers that body to live.


It has wide acceptance  your performance? you are at bit unusual


SP: The acceptance of the other show was great.


What kind of audience?


SP: It was a special audience, because as it was limited to 40 people, were people linked the area.

CE: We have had another kind of feedback, the children enjoy immensely.

SP: Just sit back and enjoy.

EC: Another funny thing is that we are afraid the public because of our work. And there are moments where this experimentation gained a greater degree, and others less, but they know who walks with this experimentation with these images. People can have a feedback with an intense noise. And that sound texture that turns and it seems that is no noise and images as they have not already become so boring.

SP: We use the moments of everyday life and give it importance. Overall works well.

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