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Peter, the great..dude of thursday nights

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He’s one of  the tv presenters of  a late night show, 5 to midnight. Pedro Fernandes is not  only  a tv show host, but also a comedian and a screenwriter.

You started in the comedy,  is this an area you wish to persue? Or are you always looking out for a bit of everything?

My career has turned to comedy somehow involuntary, and that is where I feel most comfortable. I started in college theater and the choice of pieces was a group process. I always tried the texts chosen had a lot of humor to the mix. When the opportunity came to work in television I was fortunate to be able to participate in a comedy show that became a cult program "The Revolt of the cream custard”. I think I'll do other things in life, but if they have humor, better.

I know you write your own scripts, what you look to express thru them? It is a social critique?
Since 5 to midnight is daily and a program that will drink much of its humor to the present, it is virtually impossible not to make a social criticism on everything you write. Whem ever I can I sting the audience and hope they feel it.

How was the experience with the musical piece Peter and the Wolf, what was more rewarding for you?
The invitation of Maestro Rui Massena honored me. It was very gratifying to be as well received by all members of the Classical Orchestra of Madeira and felt that they liked and understood the version of the story I wrote. The audience that filled the Technopole left satisfied and this is the most important.

And working with a classical orchestra, is it a different dynamic?
Unfortunately we had very little time to work. We did one test on the morning before the show. It could had been further tuned. Me, of course. The orchestra was flawless. An orchestra has its own dinamic and a very special sound that gives him a huge musical power. If  I could I would have an orchestra in all my programs.

What is more difficult in the life of a tv show host? And the easiest?
The hardest part is being able to reinvent ourselves every day. In my case, as I am also a scriptwriter, the work of writing an interesting program each week, always been able of surprise the audience, is definitely the hardest. The easiest are the photographs and autographs at the end.

What is personality that is a reference for your work in television?
I have two great references. In Portugal, Herman José is the master of humor to mine and other generations. Outside and within the talk shows, Conan O'Brien is undoubtedly the best and most completed tv presenter.

Presentig a live program, in the case of  Operation Triumph represents a different type of challenge?
The 5 to midnight is also live. The OT was a wonderful challenge. I love to sing and is a tv format which I was already a fan. Doing the dailies was so much fun and I made good friends. Singing live in one of the galas was terrifying. Much worse than any present program.

What do you think of the television in Portugal? What do you think should be done?
I think the Portuguese TV has great quality. At least mine is full HD. ;)

And now, the embarrassing questions. Which one of you from 5 to midnight is the most annoying?
There are no nags. They are all lots of fun!

The latest?
We have two acute cases:  Alvin and Borges. I think there is even a competition between them to see who will arrive later to the meetings.

The least funny?
The producer. Doesn’t think it’s funny the megalomaniacal ideas we have from time to time.

The most crazy?
We all have our moments of madness, a healthy madness always.



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