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The book fair of Funchal, in the Arriaga Avenue, will be field with many words, music and lots of conversation over books and their authors.
E não sabe como? A imprensa académica tem uma proposta aliciante para si
It is the most recent book of fiction written by Maria Helena do Carmo that addresses the life of the most beautiful nun of the Convent of Santa Clara and of the whole island of Madeira, Maria Clementina de Vasconcelos, who suffered the enclosure due to the subjection of paternal…
It is a book of prose by also writer Manuel Alegre. Never has a title reflected so well the contents of the book, "Everything is and is not" shows his unique own style of writing and narrative in which nothing is what it seems. It was a book that hook…
It is the first volume of a fantastic saga written by Hélder Martins. What led you to write about fantastic literature? Why a fantastic Saga soon?Hélder Martins: Actually, it was an old idea. Not that I had ever intended to become a writer, but there was already an adventure in…
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