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Choices book

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It is said that an image is worth a thousand words, in this photography book by Miguel Leitão Jardim, the premise is slightly subverted there are 14 photographs that serve as inspiration for several authors. Each of the images suggests a poem, with fewer words, but full of meaning.

What was the starting point for this photo book?
Miguel Leitão Jardim: The starting point was a series of trips in museum spaces. Especially Serralves, in Porto and the Mudas, in Madeira and unlike other works this came from some of these photographs that I made and that motivated me to continue a series that I realized I had, to increase it and to give it life. The framework that emerges is the result of the various authors who were invited to write about the various images that were allied to this project.

Tell me about the pictures. They are mostly black and white.
MLJ: Yes, except for one that has the color element that is the center of the book, has a text too, although it appeared later was very well framed for the idea I had for the central image of the book that is a red chair.

Are black and white images also related to the spaces themselves?
MLJ: Yes, it had to do with the very white spaces, very black and little color. It is the concept of the book and so I thought that here a lot of color would not make sense, with the exception I mentioned.

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