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Love stories for colour boys

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This is a book of Chronicles by Kalaf Angelo, the dude of Buraka.

To be honest what attracted me in this book first was the title, I wanted to find out who were these passionate color boys and what I found was the look of a wanderer that moves between two cities, which addresses his perception of these places as disparate and his interpretation of other worlds so distant and yet so close. Kalaf Angelo has a clean and careful writing, which indicates a work easy to read that whets the appetite for more, but (and almost always there is one) you have the feeling that some of the chronic deserved to have had more room to breathe, to dive in characters, in the stories and in the end one gets the feeling that there must have been something else, a few more words. Only near the end I realize that the author is the same one that sho us the semantics of Buraka Som Sistema and still, to my astonishment and delight he does not like to be presented as such. Now, reflecting on it, I'm glad that initially I had no idea of who Kalaf Angelo was until I started reading the book, because maybe my look would be much more critical, or would be hooked by the view that I have of the band and for the record it is the best, because I like the music, but as for the book I can say that is pleasant and accessible. Have a nice reading.

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