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The trump years -a world in a transe

Written by  rita pina fts direitos reservados

On October 8th, at 6:30 p.m., in the Hall of Paços do Concelho, a "Open Books" session will be held, with the presentation of "The Trump Years - The World in Transe" by Eduardo Paz Ferreira. João Cravinho will be responsible for the presentation of the work and its author.

"Thirty years after the fall of the Berlin Wall, the Swedish government resumed a practice it had suspended: the publication of a booklet delivered to all Swedes and translated into 13 languages, online, entitled" If Crisis or War, " which seeks to be a survival manual. Even assuming that Sweden is not the country at greatest risk, it impresses the perception of his government that we live in a dangerous world of many uncertainties. Some have existed before the Trump presidency, but others have been or have been substantially strengthened by it.
The book in question contains an important warning to citizens: if they hear the news that orders have been given to end the resistance, it is fakenews (a false news) and they must continue the fight.

This is the warning that we also assume here: we will not surrender. "
Eduardo Paz Ferreira - Fifty years ago, he joined the Democratic Opposition in the Azores and challenged the Portuguese Mocidade, which cost him dearly. In the University, crushed between the defenders of the law, the order and the "gorillas" and the radicals of the left, did not hesitate to stay with those who wanted the end of the dictatorship. With a very small group of friends, it was in the genesis of the PS. Democracy was firmly established, and although it was convinced of the importance of the parties, it did not want to join and began a free course, always in the area of ​​democratic socialism.
He fought in fundamental moments, like the defense of the freedom of the press - was then journalist of the Republic of Raul Rêgo. He was alongside Ramalho Eanes in the two presidential and PRD campaigns. With Francisco Salgado Zenha knew the bitter taste of defeat, minimized by the victory of Mário Soares in the second round. Graduate, Master and PhD in Law, he is a full professor of the FDUL and president of the Institutes of Financial and Tax Law and European Law of the Faculty. He has taught for 40 years Public Finance and European Law, without losing hope of helping the formation of good jurists and conscientious citizens.
He is often concerned about the present and the future of the country, Europe and the world, and organizes opinion movements and conferences. When they leave him, he goes to the television to talk about these things.
Among the many books she has written and organized are the most recent ones: "From Europe from Schuman to Not Europe by Merkel" (2014), "Reclining the Wall" (2015) and "For a Decent Society" (2016) . Free entry. The bookstore assured by Papelnet.

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