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Pull the ember to our sardine

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It is a book written by journalist Andreia Vale explaining the dictations and Portuguese popular expressions on a factual manner, but at the same time relaxed.

It is a publication which has 270 typically Portuguese expressions and their respective meanings, a research that could only have come from an extremely curious and persistent person and all is good. This is an unpretentious book, entertaining, informative and easy to read, sometimes we even be surprise in terms of discoveries. One of the popular expressions that I liked and I use quite often in my day to day is "first it marvels then it tripes" had no idea it had been Fernando Pessoa to create this phrase for a campaign of coca-cola in 1920, was a real find. Another one I also appreciate and use in my everyday lexicon is "to follow like sheep" in english, well did you knew that this phrase is associated with a Portuguese queen? Dona Maria I, whose nickname was the mad, just to get out of the palace she had to be escorted by her ladies for that reason, her mental weakness. Another aspect of this work that I found delightful was the unraveling of the meaning of some recent popular phrases which have arisen thanks to comedian Herman Jose and the paraphernalia of characters that he flashed in over the years, I do not highlight any in particular because I am sure by reading this you already recalled at least one and most likely is in the book. Finally I stress the famous phrase "I rarely mistaken and I never doubt" attributed to Cavaco Silva, publicly denied by himself having it handed down over the years without much success, since no one ever believed, well almost, Andreia Vale investigated and demystifies it and factually explaining how it came about and in what context and I will not do say anything, because I want you to find out by reading this little book of 200 pages, as well as the origin of the popular expression that gives the title. So depart on this discovery, rave and choose your favorite in this "pull the embers to our sardines". Have a nice reading.

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