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All is and is not

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It is a book of prose by also writer Manuel Alegre.

Never has a title reflected so well the contents of the book, "Everything is and is not" shows his unique own style of writing and narrative in which nothing is what it seems. It was a book that hook me and confused at the same time, when I finished I asked myself, was it the story about a character, Antonio Valadares, who has a recurring dream? Or was it the story of an obsessive dream of the own narrator, Manuel Alegre? I refrain from responding simply because I feel like it. If you're curious read it and decide for yourself, what I can say about this book and going back a little bit is that the concepts of space and time and fiction and reality are subverted, dualities that make reading even more staggering and compulsive. Then, there is still room for several political epistemological discussions that refer us to the actual life of the author. In conclusion, I liked in general the creative narrative of the writer, I would even say that it is unusual when one considers that Manuel Alegre is one of the most remarkable names of Portuguese poetry and that contrary to what is thought not always a greater poet can be the at same time a great writer or vice versa, in the concrete case of this author I would say that it is 60/40. I was therefore pleased to read the surprising prose from this author and I can add to the skeptics that the writing is accessible, and it is not a 400-page book. You can read it and re-read very easily. Have a nice reading.

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