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My life in a bag

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It's a story about one of my great passions.

I recently read a story about an English woman tourist who threw herself into the sea, on the island of Madeira, allegedly to swing back to a cruise ship where her husband was, the woman was rescued from the sea by three young men who have decided to go fishing that night and one of the details that caught my attention in all this convoluted story was that the lady in question was able to float, in the cold waters of the Atlantic, thanks to her bag. And this last fact did not surprise me, because under any circumstances a woman never leaves her bag behind. Which brings me to the subject I want to explore, women and their bags. In this world there are two types of appreciative bags, those that use large bags, XL type and women who prefer the size S.
I belong to the first group, because my whole life is concentrated in my bag. I am the kind of woman who in emergency can find almost anything in the botton of my bag, as if it was the top of a hat of a magician, all sorts of things, from plasters, ointments, writing paper, water, pills for a head pain, etc. etc., think of anything and probably that object consists of the contents of my bag. More, I have a friend who possessed among her personal belongings a screwdriver that had been forgotten inside her bag and that accompanied her for almost a year. And I'm not kidding! Not to mention the mummy bags that are true warehouse of stuff that you leave you with your moth open of amazement. But why a women feel the need to have everything in their bags? I do not know. I have no logical explanation for this almost insane behavior, which implies kilograms of belongings transported daily with long-term consequences for our bone structure, in my case I can only say I do not like to be caught off guard, I have to have everything within reach of my hand. My daily life is a race between the point a to b, c and d and this means that I can access quickly in the contents of my bag to all kinds of things that I need for my daily hustle and bustle. Honestly, I admire women who concentrate all in a small item, I do not know how they manage. When I have to go to a party and carry a clutch, I'm become anxious just by looking at that so narrow space that does not allow me to take almost anything. And I think, what I do with this? Basically, my bag is a kind of lifeline for all occasions and now we go back again to the tourist who threw herself into the sea, if not for her bag would she have survived? I doubt it!

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