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the closes as humans evolved.In our days is a code for the new tribes

Since the dawn of humanity, that human beings feel the need to cover their bodies, for reasons not worth being in discuss, and cleverly used the necessity to distinguish himself even among his peers. And at this point still do not talk about fashion, but in status. Primitive man tried to show their skills through the alpha male clothing, let's say that it was a nonverbal code of the success of a certain member of the species in an era in which the speech was not develop. Remember that the cavemen wore fur, the best hunter was the one who hunted bears or cats. And the success of their breeding depended on that ability to show off.
Over the centuries, humanity was divided by social backgrounds that are differentiated by their wealth of fabrics and jewelry, on the opposed plan were the poor with their raw clothing. Marco Polo, Vasco da Gama and Christopher Columbus are among those adventurers who brought with them, the wonders of other worlds, which were used as trophies by the powerful to strengthen its political capital and economic power. Who has not seen pictures and portraits of famous kings and queens adorned with gold and precious stones and intricate embroidery with luxurious silks?
In the twentieth century, the clothing is beginning to gain the importance that we know and then yes we can talk about fashion. In this field, women have a say. That they have always encouraged the trade, indirectly, by the need to gain access to tissues, the materials that distinguish one from the others. There was also already at that time, the urgency of creating a dress code that was reserved only for a chosen few, the rich, the elites. Then comes the middle class with a dress that reflects your success. Recall the 80's, the yuppies? The boys of the scholarship, with his shoulder pads, his Armani suits and Ferraris? Who better than them to a picture of a successful decade of prosperous and rich, a youth who won not by manual labor, but by their wits and intelligence.
And then we landed on the twenty-first century, will it be as in the past, we can evaluate the success, the status of someone by the clothes they wear? I think not. Think, if in the past, the clothes were a form of nonverbal acceded to a series of information about a particular individual, at present this boundary is very diffuse. So let's see, looking at the picture of Steve Jobs, a founding partner of Apple, he was the boss of the decade by Fortune magazine, by only looking at his black turtleneck, his jeans and tennis can we honestly say :This is one of the most influential men on the planet? Of course not.

Then there are those that pose for the picture, as they say, do everything. Live on false appearances, borrowed dresses, eat in the events that are invited, because they don't own a penny. So what's the role of clothing right now? It served to propagate the species, to demonstrate social and political status and to mark the emergence of a new social class. Think? Certainly it is not just to cover us, given that even the concept of fashion has changed, the great couturiers died and with them died also exclusive luxury, now even Karl Lagerfeld designs collection for large chains of clothing.
The garment has at the moment for me, a less obvious and more democratic in my opinion, it serves to differentiate the various human tribes of the global world that has nothing to do with social status, wealth or success. You are what you wear and it is a reflection of the group where you belong. And to that end I'll name just a few:
Rastas are one of the tribes because they reflect an emerging way of life, cleaner, and respect for nature, they have vegetarians principles and a certain way to be very Zen. Their clothes are made from biological raw materials and somewhat rudimentary. If they touch some of these fabrics feel its harshness, since they are made by hand. They are those who advocate the legalization of cannabis and they respect animals.
The fashionist, are the group that longs for Birkin bags and shoes by Miguel Vieira, are people with some financial support and they 'live' for brands. They dress and act in accordance with the trends, some are so excessive that they become ridiculous.
The Betties and Mauritius, the kids from well breed families. All have that very clean look and are appalled with the way of live of the other groups.
The nerds, are those that follow, I have spoken of Steve Jobs, but what is the first image that comes to your mind ? That's it. The type have glasses, wear the shirt with squares, the top pocket full of pens and jeans.
The "gunas" are a reflection of the football world, think of the image of Cristiano Ronaldo, the pinnacle for this tribe. Boys from the housing estates, who wear blue torn jeans with garish T-shirts and fair, beret and zirconium earring in the ear, because diamonds are for those who can and the famous fake adidas sneakers.
the emos, they are also not very difficult to distinguish, minimalist colors, often black, and the t-shirt with DC Comics heroes and wearing famous tennis allstars. The girls use notes in color and also, the infamous Docs Martins and, they use also avant-garde design. They are very retro, using the bags that "till" from the cabinets of the mothers. Very cool with a mix of punk rock, but with a motto of peace and love.
And you where you belong?

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