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7 wonder portuguese beaches

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It's a pilgrim idea of the public television with dubious results.

After the agonizing historical election of the seven wonders of Portugal, plus the unspeakable seven wonders of food and to top this whole media circus around nothing, now viewers have to endure another set of seven "wonders" of Portuguese... beaches. All I can say, enough gentlemen! No one can withstand so much "diversity." I am not against the promotion of our country, let me be clear. Quite the contrary I always argue that we should convey a more contemporary image of Portugal, but these constants polls are ridiculous. The summer programming includes a series of television formats, including live shows in various parts of the country, which covers food, landscapes, traditions and crafts, as is the case of "full summer" and other programs of the gender in different channels and this is more than sufficient in terms of marketing. These seven wonders, have nothing wonderful about it, it uses precious human and technical resources that do not bring anything new and in the background all there is advertising, is a mere business deal with the sole purpose of getting people to spend money on the so-called value added calls. Advertising in exchange for 60 cents per minute seems little, but I guarantee that it is not! My advice? Spare us, please!

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