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The secret house2

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It is one most popular reality shows of TVI.

I begin by saying that I tried to see "the most famous house in Portugal" and I could not resist anymore, I had to change channels 1 minute and a half after and I do regret saying it. I am not being cynic, because I do know what it takes to write an unprejudiced review about a TV show i.e. always try to put myself in the place of the viewer and see what makes certain program so attractive exempt in the case of the "house of secrets 2" that was really impossible for me, definitely I do not like this type of television formats. I am aware that it is a leader of TV audiences and supposedly won awards for television, but unlike other texts I do not intend to scrutinize the strengths and weaknesses of this program, in fact what I would like to stress is the funny argument people use to justify when confronted with the inevitable, the reasons which lead them to follow the "real lives" of the competitors. The justification that most pleases and amuses me, I admit, is the one about the sociological study of our country. Who are these Portuguese? Well, apparently they are people who want to earn lots of money with as little effort as possible and be famous, is the portrait of the nation? No, it seems to me. There are other viewers who I call the jealous, who deep down if we "dig" with some persistence ended up confessing that like to have been competitors, but not been able they rather enjoy making fun of the host, Teresa Guilherme laughs, despair, shouts and cries and does almost all at the same time, while running a pseudo gala so later they record this carousel of emotions and immediately put them on "you tube" and finally we have the "thousands facebook friends" and " family who neither the competitor knew they had " and they watch " the house of secrets2 "to support them but they end up revealing sordid secrets of their unfortunate lives to the gossip magazine, basically they only criticize. Well, after all this been said, maybe this talk is a sociological study, or not?

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