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The mata family

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It is a Portuguese comedy issued during the week, on SIC channel.

It is a comedy series that follows the daily lives always "complex" of a Portuguese family. In the good lusa way shows in a mild and unpretentious forms the adventures of various members of the clan Mata. It's a television format that always achieves great success with the public, especially when includes a squad of established names of the national art scene like João Pedro Gomes, Rita Blanco, Maria João Abreu, Vitor Espadinha, among others, that attract even more viewers to this Portuguese comedy. I love the program, although there are episodes not so much, they lack "salt". One of the things that pleases me most is the fun way they show one of the most emblematic idiosyncrasies of being Portuguese, fending after causing more damage rather than solutions, nobody takes it personally, what matters is that with some good will all ends well. According to an international study this same characteristic as a great national asset, because the Portuguese is considerate one of the most creative people in the world, imagine! Well after all we are not the worst at all, the same cannot be said of the Mata family, well a bit, and after all they can't be fixed. So, see this series to forget the woes of the day and smile because it's good for the soul.

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