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The maternaty

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It's a series that follows the daily life of a fictional private maternity hospital. It has a very wide range of actors recognized by the public.

This is the day-to-day motherhood. The complex line between life and death, because it also happens in a place that symbolizes hope. The series depicts the moments before the birth, but also follow the lives of doctors, nurses and technicians who accompany the mothers. Not a new concept, is public knowledge that fictional programs with physicians are a success in terms of audience. This is the Portuguese version. Overall I consider that the series has a weak argument, though the stories are well interspersed. The participation of invited guest is always an asset, because we see the work of some of the most respected actors of Portuguese art and iam talking about of some of the professionals who do not appear in the box that changed the world as often as they should.
I like the range of actors that comprise the clinical picture of this special maternity. Lucia Moniz is one of the main characters, head of maternity at the edge of compulsory closure and does a remarkable job, but I do not understand this mania to choose models who clearly do not know how to act for characters with some expression. To act, to be an actress, is not just having a Pepsodent smile, to be thin and put on a sad face. It is much more than that. And the lack of talent shows. The audience is not as free of opinion on this. Put to work people who know what they are doing and not just make a parade of pretty faces!
The technical part is poor. A delivery room is not an operating room. Only when something goes wrong is that pregnant women are transferred to these areas. And as a rule, some of these private hospitals do not even have specialized teams for this purpose. In Portuguese hospitals, if you do not know, babies are placed in a cot beside their mothers after birth. And not how we watch one of the episodes in which a mother only sees his son the next day. Recent mothers have to give breast-feeding to their newborns. Not to mention the psychological aspect of the matter. Nothing that we saw approaches reality. But, rather, what I really liked was the ridiculous of a situation, of a mother driving with contractions, I'm sorry to say this, but who thought of this possible scenario could only had been a man. We are strong indeed, but not that much. There's no excuse to such a gap in a show that left much to be desired for.

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