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Bairro alto

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It is a program dedicated to the conversation. It is a type of interview more informal and enriching from the journalistic point of view.

This program broadcast on RTP 2 is a space that allows the viewer to watch a more intimate type of interview, radio style, they almost "forgotten" the presence of the camera, the calm when approaching the topic of conversation, without pressure and with a clear fluid that allows the guest to speak at will. It's the kind of conversation that I appreciate, because we clearly see that most of the guests feel comfortable, as if in a café having a conversation with a friend. The informal atmosphere is greatly due to the attitude of the interviewer, José Fialho Gouveia. He makes the right questions and others less, but what matters here is what makes them over the broadcast. And what passes for the viewer is a very interesting dialogue between two people who are talking about the professional and personal of one of them. It is a type of interview I am interested due to the richness of small things. We get to know the guest some more others worse, the other side of the public figures invited. What motivates them in their career and for that alone is worth seeing this program. It is unpretentious and to some extent a most romantic way to do journalism, because the interviewer involves quietly his interviewed on this most intimate sphere, without invading the privacy of his interlocutor.

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