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Paid with love

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It is a program presented by Catarina Furtado on RTP national channel.

It is a tribute to the most outstanding personalities and other anonymous which play a very important social and cultural part in today's society. It is engaged in a program that won a television space, but not the audience. It is rather a form of thanks to someone special for their role in the lives of many and I believe that this type of format only works in another timetable. "Repaid with love" is now on air on Saturdays, at 10 o'clock in the evening, and that is an unusual choice to say the least. I understand that they want to stand out from the competition but, it turns out that these types of shows presented by Conceição Lino and Fatima Lopes do not happen by chance in the weekly afternoons. Are issued for a particular audience for this type of TV formats and potentially they will want to see Catarina Furtado smiling and showing during day time these very special Portuguese. After all what are they afraid of? Public television should once and for all understand that also need to have competitive programs for audience, instead of feeding the media with millionaire's contracts with sympathetic figures and do not dare to say that numbers don't count!

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