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Address unknow

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It is a travel program in Brazil hosted by James Salazar.

I must say that there are two aspects of this program that I really like: the first and that most amuses me I must confess, is to watch the Brazilians difficulties to understand the simple questions posed by the host in Portuguese from Portugal, it is visible a certain uneasiness in some faces as the result of the misunderstanding of language and lacks even them just saying "OOI" that likely was cut off by the production I bet! Other still better disguises their perplexity and speak what they know of in a natural way, without really answering the question. It is ok! It's fun and refreshing. Another of the "curiosities", the most disconcerting one and that I even interestingly appreciate in this journey through the lands of Vera Cruz is the wardrobe of James Salazar that it is in stark contrast with the lush surrounding landscape. It even looks likes that the boy fell there by mistake. In most episodes, I would say that he is properly full dressed for a rock concert and not to present the outlines of a paradisiacal beach, even in winter. Strangely the contrast works. Do not ask me how. And yet, I remembered the third reason, there is no two without a three, what I really enjoy disproportionately in this "unknown address" are the texts written for the voice off, they are of great stylistic beauty. We can even close your eyes and be transported by his sweet and juicy words (which I believe to be written by James) and "travel" by these stops so familiar, but at the same so far away from us. It's almost a waste of metaphors and synonyms when the images speak for themselves. He should write a book that I am sure I would love to read, but before that I continue to watch James Salazar on television.

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