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Freedom 21

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It is a Portuguese fiction show about lawyers which is issued by the one public channel.

I would like to say that the series reflects the universe of the legal system and laws of our country, but I cannot, it would be a great fallacy. Freedom 21 is pure fiction and only that aspect it saddens me. Nothing picture in this series correspond to reality, I wish that the Portuguese courts were so efficient and that the cases were decided so quickly and brilliant. All do it is a pleasure to see those episodes in contrast with the overwhelming reality in the worst possible way. That's why I appreciate so much of the series for its imaginative dimension about these legal issues. The one thing you can take from this "freedom 21" (an allusion to the avenue of Lisbon where the firm is situated Vasconcelos and Brito associated) is the remaining plot, the personality conflicts, the personal problems crossing the professional sphere and small weaknesses of people who live in this very competitive parallel universe. I like the script and the work of the actors; I only regret that the reality is much harder and more confusing than this fiction pic.

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