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Public walk

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Another program produced by RTP Madeira.

Public Walk confirms a fact, that Madera seems always partying. It is a magazine that gives an account of the social events swarming a bit all over the island. The host, Licínia Macedo fulfills its role in a professional way; in fact the whole program meets expectations. It is dynamic, colorful, the interviews are appropriate and even the design of the generic proves once again that there is a positive trend in the conception of programs of RTP Madeira. I do not know if I'm going as far as saying that it is a public service, but at least informs in a relaxed and fun way about the various festivities that arise throughout the year, which proves once again that it is possible to produce quality programs on a regional TV, something that I never get tire of writing, especially now that it runs the risk of disappearing all this commitment and professionalism, due to the alleged austerity measures. Again I emphasize (another thing I never get tire of writing) a way to go around this issue of the extinction of the regional channels, is the issue of the best programs in open sign, both here and on the mainland, integrated into the programming of channel 1 or 2, why? Because the Portuguese deserve to better understand the realities of the islands and this is a good way to do it, taking advantage of all this human capital and the tourism potential that all of this can trigger.

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