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Lost in the jungle

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It is a reality show that TVI allegedly puts "competitors" to live and work in an African tribe.

What can I say about this program? Its production that is definitely lost. It's almost heartbreaking to see some scenes of this alleged program of physical and mental stamina. One thing is certain, it is apparently a show where the "competitors" were really been tested, because they went hungry and cold. Complaints by the way, has targeted not only the content that is considered doubtful, but the criticism extended to the participants themselves "forced" to starve when apparently many had no idea what they were going for. Lost indeed! All of them. It's one of those programs that would be funny but it’s sad just to watch. The only aspect that target of my curiosity was that the tribes: the Himba, the Hamer and Nakulamene. Apparently they perceive all that scam as a joke. And they should have inferred that those white people were all crazy. Maybe they are much smarter than us. Those poor people must have enjoyed it to the full. As you know I'm not a fan of reality shows and other formats were already kind of bad, this beats then all. My question is to know what will be the next program that goes beyond this one in terms of ridiculous and grotesque by showing the misery of others. Yes, because apparently this TV garbage is not yet exhausted, quite the opposite and unfortunately the hearings in this matter speak for themselves.

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