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Balck on white

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A comedy shows that "plays" with the prejudices of the Portuguese. Unmissable.

SIC Radical has the merit on focusing on daring programming with new faces, particularly in comedy at the very limit. Almost rustle the bad taste, without being. The program black on white, with Rui Sinel is that kind of example. It is the quintessential black humor, so black that both the presenter and director almost always wear black. He plays with stereotypes and prejudices that are part of society in a very well done manner. This humorist writes humorous sketches with controversial issues, such as an episode in which "toys" with a disabled person, or when he decides to jump the wall of a cemetery and do comedy in this space. And then he questions the viewer, why not? Why not make you laugh in a place so serious? It's a risk, the boundary is blurred between been funny and making a joke of very bad taste, but the comedy is a fruitful ground for such dilemmas. I like the program. Very much so. The way the camera is used, on the shoulder strap grants an even more radial style that made the fame of this television private channel. It reminds me of Lars von Tries, he films like this. Even the choice of some issues, the disabled program, brings us to the memory the idiots of the Danish filmmaker, although is not a copy, may have been influence by him. Overall, the program is very good, but not for any type of audience, but no one questions it.

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