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The jungle of stone

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São Paulo is the city election of Henry Amoedo , artistic director of the group dancing with a difference. It is a different, but thriving portrait on his personal choices, his favorite spots that are worth a long visit.

I have some favorite places in Brazil, I traveled extensively throughout the country at the professional and personal level. Being from São Paulo is obvious that it is one of my favorite places . That's what fascinates me, is huge, is that transit, is that chaos, is not that nit may seem thar is not a nice place, you must know where to look and be in this city that transforms, to know their most popular locations.

The Paulista Avenue is one of my places of election, to stroll on a Sunday, for example. As they say in Brazil , there you can see all the assembled tribes , you have punks , homeless, homosexuals, disabled people, women and men of business, because everyone will wander thru. It is possible to see completely different people, disparate social movements and that interests me, but I also like to see it all in perfect harmony in one place. It's like the square of São Paulo, even if it's for ice cream after going to the craft fair, ranging from the Museum of Art of São Paulo, the MASP , which has a very busy antiques fair .

Then there is another place that is the election Culture bookstore. It's a huge space , is the cultural shopping São Paulo, you can sit and read, see, or buy books, there are all the best in the world published in this area. Still in Sao Paulo, you can visit the neighborhood of Liberty. Has the largest population of Japanese outside of Japan , which are well integrated in general in São Paulo universe. This neighborhood has everything from Japanese trade, clothing , food and restaurants . On the street also has a fair where they sell everything , I like it very much , to walk , to be very close to what is oriental . During the week is very busy with lots of people hanging out and in weekends is quieter , is another pace of São Paulo. It is also close to downtown, to the square of the Cathedral, where is located the church of the same name, the Cathedral, one of the largest Gothic Revival style in the world , is a beautiful building and has European inspiration, as well as the Municipal Theater São Paulo, which is one of these examples , inspired by the Paris Opera .


Near the train station of Light, you have the Museum of the Portuguese language, the last show I saw was an exhibition on Clarice Lispector and another was on Cazuza a Brazilian singer and composer . They based on a personality, singer, or author connected to Portuguese heritage, hey discuss the work of these people , then we have the room of São Paulo São Paulo State Symphony Orchestra, which is gorgeous . These two spaces are part of a work that is intended to make long-term recovery of the Light district, that is near another area, Cracolândia, which is where are the users and those addicted to crack gather. One of the objectives of the prefecture of the city is to rehabilitate these people through culture. The Museum of the Portuguese language arises accordingly and the seat of the orchestra . All these spaces can be visit on foot or by metro .

The capital has many theaters and nowadays is fashionble big Broadway musicals in concert halls, but also has a lot of dancing and many other artistic activities . Throughout the entire week, has a peculiar characteristic, the city does not sleep , sometimes has evening theater options, if you search you can find plays that start at midnight, are more alternative groups, with funny texts and you can do it, you will have dinner , then go to the theater and still go to a nightclub or another place to dance, is a frenetic pace and I like it, that attracts me.

If you think that this city is a concrete jungle , I think a tour of the coast can also be interesting, 150 kilometers from the capital to the north, you can go thru the highway of the workers and then pick another , the President Dutra highway and them stop in Parati, which is a beautiful city for the Portuguese who do not know is an interesting visit because when you arrive, you look and say , I'm in Portugal . The colonial architecture is still there, this very well maintained and preserved and then head to the Rio de Janeiro. It's a beautiful route, but my place of choice is Boi;ucanga, is the name of a snake that existed in that area too, is a place that has many beaches , has a very rich trading, despite being on the coast , has access to all and moreover, have waterfalls in abundance , one can be at sea with the mountains close by.

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