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Cries of freedom

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A look at the protests in Venezuela .

Simón Bolívar in the past said " to make the revolution in South America is like plowing the sea." Three centuries past, the same country where he was born implemented a new revolution , dubbed Bolivarian led by Hugo Frias Chaves who left to posterity ... a divided nation . The history of Venezuela is wrote in blood, iron and fire, as well as throughout Latin America, and this is more true than today. When I watched the news about the country that birth me, brothers fighting brothers, the constant attacks on civil liberty that leads students to protest in the streets of Caracas, young women being savagely beaten by the guards of the people, opposition leaders detainees accused of secessionism and grieving mothers marching in honor of the memory of their dead sons, I remember the words of the liberator and deeply regret every drop of blood spilled in favor of this utopia , it is possible after all the social and political equality in a nation driven by the power of black gold?



Nicolás Maduro , the current president-elect says yes and wants to take the "dream of the Bolivarian revolution" designed by Hugo Chavez, orchestrated by the Castro brothers, further , however, and interestingly , these so-called socialist ideals only apply to people while the summit of power lives in luxury and affluence. And this is clearly against social inequality, a lack of basic resources, rampant corruption and everyday widespread violence , in one of the richest countries in the world , that led the population to the streets in protest and caused waves of solidarity all over the world. The future of Venezuelans now, goes thru the capability of the civil movements, indifferent to political dogmas of the left, and its leaders to a consensus, something glimpsed as difficult in a country with a president who accumulates all state powers in his person and I'm longing things do not get to the point of no return, a civil war, because such a scenario would be simply unacceptable and painful.

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