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The balance

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It is the typical behavior of the end of the year, with a view to a new beginning .

You know that time of year that when we make an assessment about everything that happened on the other 364 days? Well, I decided it was time to talk about yvi. And for those who do not know, thanks to google analytics, I learned a number of things I did not know about my own magazine, first that is read more in my country. This is a very good index and unsurprising , then comes Spain, our next door neighbor, we crossed the Atlantic and go to Venezuela , which is also excellent as is my soul nation, then we have Brazil, our brother country and astonishing, Mexico, a nation that would love to visit and franklyfor which I have no logical explanation, but I thank the predilection from the botton of my heart. Then, follows Britain, Argentina , the Netherlands and Colombia, in that order . In conclusion I'm " colonizing" the Latin America. A fact that makes me truly proud since I bring this continent closed to my heart!



Another truly amazing result, well for me at least for me, do not know about you , is that I am ... read more by men, 54.15% against 45.85 % of women, I must confess that at first I thought it was an error, but over time the numbers have remained regular and I had to accept the evidence . And why was truly surpised? Because when I created this publication I had a vision of this publicantion I wanted to be simple, clare, concise sometimes and with credible and groud contents only read by broads, ladies understood. And once again I was wrong sadly ! As for ages , not surprises most readers the 33.50 % are between 25 and 34 years of age followed closely by the 18 to 24 with 27.50 % , others 39 % dilute thru the remaining age groups . Data which demonstrate what I already know , that the younger generations of today's world are connected to the Internet . In terms of content , the most read section is the interview, which has always led the contents of yvi , then we have art & design and cinema, these two categories have grown immensely over these almost three years of existence, since they were initially the less read, then there are the books , the music and in the end section of the environment . The number of entries , as you know already exceeded 45 thousand visitors per month and I got to the end of 2013 with a sense of accomplishment. So I leave you my heartfelt thanks and keep returning this 2014.



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