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Raising awarness with nature

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It was an initiative created by Andreia Nobrega and a group of friends to draw attention to the destruction of natural areas on the island of Madeira, in particular, the beach of Portinho, Canico .

In a not too distant past, in the early twentieth century, from the cliff top of the beach Portinho, we could be seen the white sails of ships near the coast and the frantic movement of people in their daily toil on the verge of pebble beach. The deafening noise of the coal boiler, hammers pounding and chains draging thru the black rolling stones helped stamp the rhythmic beat of the many arms hoisting ashore boats that passed through here in search of passengers, the people who carried in their back the fruit of their labor, their little nothings, to be transported to the city. The small bay protected by walls of volcanic rock formed the ideal cover the property of the Blandy family and the shipyard warranty is a safe gateaway to fix the frigates plagued by rough seas and time. Was a constant bustle of people, workers and goods that only ended in 1970 when the English company decided to transfer all its activities to Funchal. From that year on, everything changed ... the machine noise and echo of voices marked by salt and sun were replaced by the rolling stones cast away by the waves, the wind caressing the wild reeds and the chirping of passing seabirds . The arsenal built by man, gradually collapse by the invasive nature and has been hiding these remains of a longer nameless past.


Almost 95 years later, Portinho hosts a popular, peaceful initiative which involved several people through various activities of artistic nature, a community lunch and music, organized by Andrea Nobrega, who says, " I decided to take the initiative in last year because I was here and noticed some machines that were standing on the ground, I realized that there is a project, which is a hotel that left me unhappy . Talking with people, friends and family noticed that this feeling is not only mine, it is of many. The locals feel that their natural spaces are being all occupied, especially in the coastal waterfront and is too much. Mega - projects, many areas are occupied by projects that are not much thought , they are all very focused and apropiam the coast . I'm not doing a demonstration , is a concentration of people who think the same, that enjoy this space and like to enjoy it , because we do not know when it will be occupied. The idea is to still use some areas that are ours. " As an alternative for this area, she states that " there are no preferred alternative, I prefer not built anything. It is unthinkable. As this is the ideal. "


Sérgio Urbano, is the other faces of this event , believes that " there is the project of a mega -hotel that was approved by the Municipality of Santa Cruz since 2011, inclusive was the city council for more data and they had none, the same can say the regional directorate of Ports and other entities related to the management of coastal areas. Portinho is a beautiful natural space and we wanted to make people aware that this is an abandoned area. It is an initiative involving beautiful people , peaceful and in a communal way. In the background we document this space so as not to miss in the memory, as there are no bibliographic records. It is a place with history, will be destroy to build a hotel that does not fall in this area, this will be a project of cement and concrete. Should be framed more in the landscape , the history that is also ours and who will be lost".

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