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It is one of novels by writer Valter Hugo Mãe.

For some time I did not wrote about books and I must confess that I already was longing to address the words of others and this time I intend to share one of the strangest readings that I ever come across. It's not the style of writing, which is rich and fluent, is the story, so alienated from our own reality, surreal and intriguing at the same time as the country inside the narrative, Iceland. "Dehumanization" is described as the most plastic book of Valter Hugo Mãe, honestly I do not know what that means, but I can confirm is that it is an interesting read and even disconcerting, at least, but curiously I really can't decide ... whether I liked or not, but I did not dislike it, you see? I find myself in what I call a literary limbo and cannot describe this feeling otherwise.
The author refers, on the last page, that is aware that this is a strange love story, in my view he nailed it, the word is appropriate, the dehumanization is strange and very sad at the same time. Do not expect a sweeping story, has an almost fable tone, although it is fiction seems to portray the real almost daily life of a country surrounded by ice and fire. More, I reiterate, it's weird. It even surprises me the way I see this book, Valter Hugo Mãe is perhaps one of the few authors who write novels that make me think and question and make me want to pack and see with my own eyes that land fjords, silent figures and mythical animals, where God is hidden deep in the clifts. I will not lift the veil of this troubled history, for a simple reason, the weirdness starts right there at the beginning. But it is worth reading, even for the challenge, if only to spite me, believe me when I say you never read something like that. Good reading.

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