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556 tons of fruts and vegetable save from the garbage

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The cooperative consumption of ugly fruit (CCUF) created in November 2013 collects fruit and vegetable products that are not accepted by supermarkets.

With the motto "beautiful people eats ugly fruit", the CCUF has already passed the mark of the 500 tons of fruit and vegetable products that were not wasted. The network "ugly fruit" has seven delivery points in different areas of Portugal and has 3062 registered consumers who, through an annual quota of 5 euros, collect their baskets with fruits and vegetables of the season that are normally rejected by large supermarkets, because they do not meet the parameters imposed in terms of color, shape and size.
The cooperative welcomes 123 producers from various regions, where volunteers collect small vegetables, the so called not suitable fruits and vegetables that other wize farmers could not ooze. The fruit and vegetable creel is then collected by consumers at one of the pre-defined points, with prices running at € 3.5 and € 7 depending on the size of the baskets.
With this initiative the CCUF is able to avoid the weekly waste of 8 tons of fruit trees that would otherwise end up in rubbish, fighting from their point of view a market inefficiency.
Another objective of this associative movement is to change consumption patterns and generate a market of value that combats the food waste and the unnecessary expense of resources, taking into account that in Portugal alone, about 30% of the fruit produced is wasted because, despite being tasty and of quality, does not have the desired aspect.

If you want to join the "ugly fruit" just go to the link:


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