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Follow your feet

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If you want to discover the most unusual places I would propose a walk in the center, one of the most amazing scenery of Portugal.

Located in the municipality of Figueira da Foz, in Coimbra District you can visit the north side, the Serra da Boa Viagem, about 7 km in length and 253 meters high.
The most fascinating is that this complex mountainous it is a living natural museum, where abundant fossils along the walking trails and lush vegetation. But more than an adventure destination not what I propose is a journey through the "feet" of worn soles. Nuno Santos is the conductor that runs the length and breadth of country on foot. By its own words "... there are places waiting to be discovered and immortalized that for one reason or another, are still unknown to most of us. Often, they are even on our side and only when someone awakens to its beauty and uniqueness is that we give due weight. " The Serra da Boa Viagem trip is one such example. This route with a duration of about four hours, beginning in Santo Amaro, one can find a wealth of geological along the rail, for lovers of geology. It's so much abundance of specimens of other eras preterit scattered thorny lanes, disused quarries and cliffs, which you can fill the pockets with specimens of other times as a souvenir.
The fauna is another of the attractions of these trails, the route dass ponds allows seeing a significant number of birds that nest in these areas and walk the three lakes that surround the natural park. The salt flats are other tourist attractions in this area of ​​forest. In the past the country's economy depended on the extraction of sea salt for canning company. Currently, some are still in operation allowing the hiker to see not only the effect of man on nature, but also learn a bit about the history of our country. Worth seeing. So, walk and have a good trip!



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