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A portuguese house for sure

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It is close to the Ribeira do Porto and a place where you learn alternative ways to improve the life of our planet and eat an excellent vegetarian menu.

Casa da Horta is a cultural association which aims to contribute to "critical thinking while putting into practice alternative behaviors to the consumer society unethical and degrading the point of socially and ecologically." A definition that encompasses all the work they do for the community and the planet.
Rooted in the heart of historical Porto, a building next door to the church of S. Francisco, it offers courses and events in which anyone can participate, and is not a sine qua non condition that you’re vegetarian.
One of the courses I want to talk about and I speak as a personal experience, was the cosmetics and facial beauty. For a almost symbolic cost of twenty euros, which includes the course, usually in the week ends, and a vegetarian lunch, you can learn to do your on cleaning products with natural ingredients. The advantages? Drastically cut the grocery bill, since the ingredients can be found in your own kitchen. Yes, it is possible.
They also allow to reduce considerably any allergies due to the over-harsh chemicals we use in our homes. How many Portuguese housewives, in their day-to-day bases use bleach in the bathrooms and kitchens, as a disinfectant? Yeah many, but did you know that this chemical is so corrosive that even diluted in water can still causes damage? It is essential to remember that this gesture of our everyday life is sucked into the ocean through the sewers!
As for beauty products, will highlight the toothpaste, it is simply wonderful and it leaves us with the feeling of cleanliness and freshness in the mouth. I'm not exaggerating!
Casa da Horta is proposing alternative ways to "create" your products at home without any chemicals and no preservatives, using only natural products and at the end of the day will only benefit your health, your wallet and last but not the least the environment. But this is just one of many courses that are at your disposal there is a course on how to cook vegetarian food, how to create gardens, films, lectures, etc.. Just choose when and what.
As for lunch I would advise you strongly to give it a try, I'm not vegetarian, but the association has a menu that is simply delicious. And we don’t live with hunger! So, why not take a course, relax and contribute to your physical well-being and a better world. The planet says thanks you!


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