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Quintest- celebration of the unavoidable

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Claudio Garrudo is producer and photographer and also co-founder of "the arts to neighborhood cultural rentrée of the seventh hill of Lisbon" a contemporary art association "This is not a pipe and" I love the high district". His last exhibition, is open in the House of Plants in Calheta, until October 31st and features five works that were inspired by the island of Madeira.

Tell me a little about this series that focuses on nature. Why the choice of this theme?
Cláudio Garrudo: It was a need I had to go back to the roots, because I feel that with this crisis environment that we live in Europe and in Portugal people are depressed and with serious problems. So I wanted to do something that came to them and give them some pleasure, even for me to shoot and create work. Has this side of contemplation that serves a little to alleviate the heavy burden of those who have suffered thru this recession that plagues us.

It is curious that say that, when it is a work light and shadow.
CG: Yes, but it is work that takes us to a nature, at least that's what I want, that transmits peace, tranquility and serenity.

So why chose black and white?
CG: The photos are all colors.

Are they? But I does not look like that.
CG: It has no post-production. What happens is that I photograph when the sun is in the backlight the images appear to be black and white, but are in colors, the contrasts are generated by the light from the opposite side. And I say that there are photographers who are frustrated painters, I assume my share without problems. What also wanted to show with this work is to be coherent in relation to previous exhibitions, create a strong relationship with painting, What I tried to do is to paint with the camera. I choose a shaft in which I place myself under the trees and make several consecutive shots. Are almost as strokes.

So, you have to wait a lot? Or how much time it takes to get this contrast?
GC: The contrast is related to daylight. There is nothing that I do after. I identify areas that I want to shoot depending on the time of day, some are in the morning and others are late. There are images which shows more cloudy sky, or other works in which you can identify a strong presence of blue sky and that has to do with the time of day when I'm shooting.

But first is the artist who contemplates before taking action?
CG: Yes, not only includes is part of my creative process, but I also outline everything, I have a notebook where I register a number of ideas.

You draw before shooting is it?
CG: No, I would not say that drawing, sketch ideas in my notebook, which then put into practice, through the photographic medium.

It's kind of graphic diary?
CG: In a way yes, but in my process of photographing the moment of release is the culmination of my photographic process as for the other photographers is the beginning because there is the remaining work. When I shoot already exists a whole creative process behind that is installed in my head.

So what inspires you to choose a theme and then shoot?
CG: I think this has to do with crossing areas that are fundamental to the whole creation. Painting, cinema, theater and literature, have all these components that inspire us to then create our own work.

You just said you were a frustrated painter, so why chosing the picture? Or is it just one of your working tools?
CG: Photography is a medium that use to create the works, but in reality if I do psychoanalysis, perhaps, have a frustrated painter in me.

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