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Black love

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The author Mario Claudio writes a book that is not a novel but the story of several lives cloistered. It is a psycho-report of ordinary people immortalized by the pen of the writer.

The Ursamaior is a book that covers the lives of several people who for various reasons (and can see why in your reading), will end in jail. The stories are not interlinked, not even the "characters", indeed, they are all real cases, perhaps the only link is the prison.
This publication has a very personal meaning for me, since its content was discussed in class with the author, Mario Claudio who was one of my college professors.
Of the short stories contained in this psycho-report, designation created by the own author, there was one I will never forget because it raised a heated discussion in the classroom, the drama of Henry, the medical student who kills his ex-girlfriend in broad daylight , in the university who both attended. The disturbing Mário Cláudio asked the class whether there is the a so-called black love?
A love that does not knows the constant smile, the happiness of being in the company of someone we love, the sharing those moments and unforgettable experiences and the implicit complicity.
Is there a love that makes almost sick with anxiety by the presence of the beloved, the exchanging insults that end in recriminations and end up in authentic battles, sadness yes, a strong feeling that you can't not boot from the soul and also the need to be there glued to this person whith who. .. can not live with it or without it?
Or is only the crime that resulted from Henry's insanely jealous by the loss of something that he thought it was his? To answer these two questions ... yes, you have to read! Yes, yes, I am a killjoy. How awful! READ? Couldn't I just spit it soon! No, read, think and enjoy your reflection. I can only say that Mario Claudio believes that Henry is not mentally unstable.
As the conclusions of the debate that has arisen in our classroom I can only say that the results were inconclusive. There were those who defended the existence of such a thing as a balck love and others who simply argued that it was just a romantic term to justify unacceptable behavior itself. So, Read and decide. Happy reading!

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