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Portraits of the foundation

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It is a collection of small books compiled by the Foundation Franciso Manuel dos Santos about Portugal.

Above all each of the six volumes in this compilation are different approaches to the country described by news professional. Each book crosses a thematic on the contemporary Portugal, are a kind of news story, but also reflect the personal views of each author. The themes deal with health, agriculture, architectural ruins even a trip on foot through the deep country. Are accessible readings that allow us to have a 360 degree view of a country that after fighting various ailments, desertification of the interior motivated by emigration, abandonment of built and classified work over the centuries, social and economic changes in Portugal after joining the European Union, the limitations and triumphs of our health care system and finally to know who are after all these Portuguese? What I did notice? There are no tight scenarios, it is noted that there is a society that evolved, that is in constant movement, if the change is for better or worse depends on the personal opinion. I do not think are disenchanted portraits, on the contrary, are above all poignant accounts of each of our interlocutors, given by what they see, feel and ultimately reflect on the confrontation between the pure and harsh reality and the ideal of a nation. I could address the volumes that I liked, but I decided not to do so, because it may influence your potencial reading. All I ask is that you read.

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