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The new bra border

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It is one of those texts that addresses a delicate subject and at the same time, not even that.

Recently I had the need to acquire new supports for my breasts and contrary to what you may think was not the best experiences I've ever had, it was a drama of epic proportions. It seems exaggerated, but no, I have noticed that although I really want to buy lingerie pieces, these intimate pieces for sale in many of the reputed brands stores do not have the cup and size that I own for my age, because as young sales girl of size 34 cup B did me the favor to suggest, when you have a bust that is beyond the D, there is no possible salvation, the solution apparently goes through those pieces that are on sale at the fairs? Do you know those bras for grandmothers that look like authentic 50's torpedoes ready to fire? They made me feel almost guilty for not conforming to the so-called "normal" patterns of bras that the Portuguese appreciate, because I do not seem to fit into the vast national female universe with small boobs (and yes, I'm being ironic!) and who likes basic pieces, in white, black or beige colors. I leave, however, a caveat, I have nothing against the likes of the Portuguese womens in terms of lingerie and corseterie, I also have these types of pieces, but I desire more than simple comfort, I want to feel sexy in my own skin.

And this story could have stayed here, but I did not let myself go down and decided that I would find the bras with which I dreamed on, so I went searching the internet accordingly and you know what I found? A very informative article by a young american blogger who approached several websites where the most busted women can find what they are looking for at attractive prices on the so-called new frontier of brass development, paraphrasing one of her phrases, Poland, the country where fearless women manufacture intimate and sexy pieces in materials such as silk, lace and in all shades, patterns and sizes possible and imaginary and yes, for all ages, be amazed! And the models? They are women like me, as you probably who are reading this text and I can say that I felt avenged not only for having found what I was looking for but for viewing images with beautiful models with bodies like mine. Below I leave several links and a friend's advice do not be discouraged by the zloty, the Polish currency, or by the sizes that are completely different, carefully read the conversion table showing how to measure accurately and see what happens. If you do not find what suits more your body Ewa Michalak at least can do it by order. Many of the pages are in english, but can be translated, they send to Portugal and on average the order takes about two weeks to arrive. I also leave a suggestion for pregnant moms who also want to feel comfortable and sexy.


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