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Warm your winter with luxury

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More trends for this autumn-winter'17 that were featured on Portugal Fashion.

Pedro Neto, one of the names to be retained from the Bloom section of the new national talents, has as its theme that is his personal analysis of a female figure, Lady Godiva and the velvets were one of the key elements of his coordinates. As the young fashion designer points out, "this protagonist lived in the XI century and was a reference to a painting by John Collier. However, it is with this picture that the equestrian references come to merge with the concept of this collection, which seeks to illustrate a woman naive but simultaneously determined and very strong in their convictions and their presence. Parallel to this introspection is intended to convey the utopian luxury and the sumptuosity through the chosen fabrics like velvets devoré and the wool with detailed finishes. With the choice of the picture of Lady Godiva, the idea is to submerge in the sumptuous world where this image lives with utopian details of luxury ".

Other Pedros this time Pedro Pedro highlighted a new type of tartan, which is one of the trends of this winter, about their collection question, "an image will continue to be worth a thousand words when we live asphyxiated by the images?" And if the glamor is dead? Brutalism sloth urban protection an anti-glam manifesto clothing as a cocoon the form of freedom of the body tas inwardness Gigantic silhouettes, generous volumetries, asymmetrical cuts, overlapping of parts and bizarre Influence of male / Military overcoats and blouses women's generous necklines wide sport line pants Exaggerated lengths warm and comfortable materials wool, felt, waxed quilts and waxed raincoats combined with cottons and rude linens Thick knitwear and jerseys Vichys and chisels mark the motifs of the collection: Invernous, earthy and sober colors: From gray to beige and camel, to black, khaki, green, neon green and olive.

Alexandra Moura presents a collection that focuses on the masculine / feminine and also launches the debate, "gender, pronoun, individual !? A reflection on the impact of the feminine in the masculine and vice versa because "in the whole individual lives a misogynistic war". The character and spirituality of Anohni (FKA Antony Hegarty), flooded with sensitivity, are the starting point of the collection that was born from his sketches, cutouts, collages, his dramatic and theatrical load, revealing a fragility that demands comfort . The details are brought back from ancient times, from the underwear pieces of both genres that merge into the future. The classic silhouette is deconstructed and becomes contemporary. The weight of the materials reveals the image of the comfort of a blanket that protects from a "false identity". The sophistication of the textures and patterns bring to the pieces the romanticism and the plasticity of another era. The collection liberates itself in a mixture of feminine and masculine characteristics in a single being, spirit and energy ?. "

The concreto of Hélder Baptista, presents coordinates where "jacquards are predominant with figures of animals in black and white, with notes of silver. To symbolize the protection of this forest the silhouettes are presented in tube form, just, very long with one or another large and thick contrasting piece, but short, all of which are worked with 3D reliefs and textures, representing the magnificent irregularity of the forests, as well as the lace and its transparencies, all of which are composed of raw materials Like wool and cotton, in the shades of black, white and gray with notes of bordeaux and silver representing this silver forest.

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