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Bikini versus bathing suit

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It's one of those texts that I want to be a reflection on the current standards of beauty.

Arrives the summer and there is nothing more refreshing than a dip in the sea or pool and then also arrises one of the greatest female dramas, bikini or bathing suit? That is the question. And although the market offers all kinds of pieces, patterns and sizes the biggest problem for women is not the choice, what weighs more are the potential condescending looks or the vitriolic comments made by others that makes of our choice. I remembered this theme because of a recent news story about an American mother who wore a bikini, took a picture to show on social networks and what was the image so special that generated a lot of discussion and numerous prejudiced comments? What was the real rub? Only that her body showed stretch marks and some flaccid skin as the result of a pregnancy and a lady had told her at the public pool that she should not wear a bikini because you could see everything, it was ugly and it was not appropriate for a mother. The response was immediate and the girl said she did not feel ashamed of her body, because it was with it that she created a miracle, her daughter, she felt comfortable in her skin, was proud of her body and her husband did not care about those little imperfections, who was she to say whatever? I must say it was one of the best answers I've ever read and not only I support this mother, but even I also came across this kind of prejudice of wearing a bikini after 30. Where did arose the standard that a full swiming suit is more appropiate from a certain age on? Perchance the bikini is only reserved for use and enjoyment of young adolescents and the models of Victoria's Secret? And if we do not have the ideal body, why should that stop us from using only two pieces suit? The truth? The shame results from the little comment made by others and the worst is that in most cases are the very women who in many cases encourage this kind of shameless behavior. But you may counter that this is not to say bad things, but prevent a friend's embarrassment, that is a laughing matter, that she can be pointed out. That is not a valid argument, if a person feels good on their skin, even with its imperfections and there is no perfect bodies, why not use a bikini? And if it bothers mostly others, why should we worry so much about what others think? Let us be frank when we see images of actresses and former models on the beach with their toned and magnificent bodies we must not forget that before they were training for months with their personal trainers to prepare their bodies for the summer season, made diets, liposuctions, treatments for stretch marks and cellulite and the rest of us ordinary mortals have to be content with our trips to the gym twice a week and the creams we purchase at the pharmacy waiting for a miracle! And because there is none, we have to accept what we got and also that the force of gravity is the same for all, even for those who had no children, unfortunately! So a friend's advice, I have said more than once and I never get tire of repeating, use what you think is right for you and what makes you feel comfortable, whether is a bikini or a bathing suit. What matters is sunbathing, swimming, resting and doing it without complexes. Have a nice vacation.

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