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Culotes showing off

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Are one of the key pieces of this spring still so far away.

This spring season that seems still far away is marked by the return of culotes pants, in the collections of major brands. I'll be honest again, for a change, I do not like it. It is a kind of feminine garment that is neither meat nor fish, you see what I mean? No? I go on to explain, is not a short, but it's not a pair of pants, is more or less a compromise, which only becomes acceptable in the sports version. When I see the coordinated accompanied by sandals or high heels already I think are everything strange, with that semi-inflated balloon aspect that does not benefit any feminine silhouette, believe me, who wants to see a woman who seems to have no waist, semi-pregnant and if by some freak accident it seems that someone withdrew her of a leg section? Worse, the worse it is culotes with boots, I can only imagine that this is the preferred wardrobe of Captain Hook from Peter Pan, even missing to complete this crazy mental picture, the sword, the Hat and this famous hook accompanied by crocodile pet! No matter the color, the fabric, or the way it is framed, there is no body shape that benefits from this piece of clothing, in particular, the not very tall women flee from the culottes as the devil flees from the cross, will all give the same result, believe me, it's horrible! And do not think I make these statements lightly, I unfortunately, in my teens had a green color version which coordinated with a white and green striped shirt, photographic evidence of this attack on good taste, however, mysteriously disappeared, so, I cannot show it, but we all make trendy mistakes that later bitterly regretted, this was one of them. Then, listen to my plea, do not buy, do not use them and think about this why they exist? Does not make sense, I do not think the clothe was create for the comfort and much less for the aesthetics, is one of those garments of 70 that they should simply be banned forever and always infinitely forever and ever, forgive my redundancy.

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