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Mozambique inspires summer

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The Mozambique Fashion Week presented the new trends for this spring-summer 2016.

Thanks to partnership Portugal Fashion and Fashion Week in Mozambique I could meet some of the most renowned designers of this country and its collections. I must admit that I was fascinated, delighted and blind sided by many of coordinated not only because they take us to the continent through its vibrant patterns, but also by the explosion of colors and types of tissue that left me completely surrendered. I must confess I wore almost all pieces and many of them are a great suggestion for the new season approaching.

"An idea is a starting point and nothing more. Once you begin to elaborate it, is transformed by thought". This phrase by Plabo Picasso was the initial idea for the collection of Roselyn Silva, who presented clothes of vibrant colors ranging from shades of pink, crimson, blue, yellow and white. Coordinates that show case dynamic silhouettes with cutouts that help enhance the geometric patterns, conveying the idea of a strong woman and at the same time very femenine.

The collection of Shaazia Adam for next spring-summer period is inspired by the movie "Factory Girl." The muse of the collection is Edie Sedgwick. They are very colorful and coordinated floral, traits that coexist with very flowing skirts with a mixture of hard cuts. It also has a very young profile with baby shades of pink, salmon, olive green, coral and yellow along the clothes. Sizes range from shorts and long or three quarters blazers. The outfits also come with a floral embroidery and decorations along the lines of the neck and waist, and in his pockets.

Ideias a metro presented a collection with a unique and exclusive pattern that reflects the fusion of Mozambican culture through its traditional fabrics, the capulanas and Portuguese culture, particularly through the colors and patterns of traditional scarves of Minho. There is a mix of colors, fabrics and textures are very feminine, elegant and sophisticated pieces but always with an extremely comfortable design and a bohemian touch.

The brand "Omar Adelino" has been showing since the year he entered the fashion world a concept of class, glamor, simplicity and much unity in terms of standards. The color palette involves noble tones like black, gold and the color of the Mozambican traditional capulana. The materials chosen are the lurex, lace, gianni linen, chiffon, the capulana, swarovski stones and pearls. The collection consists of twelve combinations, there are nine female and three male , which aims to show a bit of a modern Africa, simple and expanding. a meeting of chic and casual.


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