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Fashion on high temperature on low

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Come and see some of the trends that mark this cold season.

For this fall-winter 2016-17 nothing better to warm the body in a very fashion way that wirh capes, presented in the collection of Storytaylors, in Portugal Fashion under, the motto ex-fairy tales, as they themselves refer, "who said that tales must always be fairies, and have all witches, princes and princesses? Who said that tales have to start with "once upon a time" and move on in a remote time and in a distant place? Who said life is dictated to a dimension? Who said the seasons only last for three months. For the white widow's walk.I like this ritual ... JD is a smuggler of creativity, and is the motto of" The white widow's walk, "the first chapter of the Alextimia story.
We started in New Bedford USA through JD's eyes, on the porch that skirts the entire first floor of the house that belonged to a Portuguese whaler captain. To these balconies it is called "widow's walk," because they were the watch-post of the women of the sailors waiting for the return of their husbands, which sometimes the sea did not return.Housed in a large hooded sweater, JD looks at the sky and the sea, and thinks about the next trip to Portugal, his mind weaves a spiral of images that he will change at his place of destination. Notes, to the book you are reading - Dante's "The Divine Comedy." In this dawn of spring, we speak of countries where the imagination happened to be taxed as opposed to others where creating is still free. We speak of a time in which the human being oscillates throughout his life between being a man and being a woman. We are talking about JD, a hyper imaginative who learns to feel through the sharing of his creativity and the emotions he arouses in others. This addiction leads him to exchange his symphonies of mental images for emotions, with whom he can not create his own images without paying a fee. "And that's how I become a creative smuggler." And we're talking about fashion and clothing, unconventional ways of creating them and building visions, transformability, creative and interpretive freedom, emotions, expression Wool, burel of the Burel Factory, hairs, velvets, satin, georgette, cotton, fiber.Textures, cuts, and colors.We offer a variety of patterns and materials that can awaken a multitude of ideas and sensations.We propose overlays of layers that transform the silhouette. Applied motifs that suggest shells, spirals and scales. Traditional Portuguese raw materials and materials and technological finishes.

The visuals are adorned with three models of Dkode shoes specially made for the collection and spectacles from Paulino Spectacles . As for colors, the whites of light, of dream and of ice, and the blacks of the unknown, of mystery, of protection, in the paradox of being all colors and simultaneously none, ashes, blues, wet reflections, delicate motifs and symbols. Keywords and express? Ocean / sky / land; Imagination / emotions; Travel / fantasy; Overlaps; Dreaming / feeling; Art and science hand in hand; Reasoning / intuition; Challenge the convention; Smuggler / mystery; Delicacy / strength; To find out. We propose these pieces today for tomorrow and then, and then and thereafter. No Boundaries! I challenge you to accompany us on this journey and to let ourselves be enthused!

The "pé de chumbo" presents a series of beautiful coordinates in wool in a "mixture between thick sets of wool yarns and the delicacy of fine and transparent lace, with contrasts of color between roses and soft beige to gray and black with details The collection Pé de Chumbo for winter 2016/17 has a slight ethnic inspiration.The fringes and colors in patchwork take us to other cultures.It is a mixture between the rude and the delicate, a mixture of two feelings, Two states.These proposals are differentiated in that the fabric itself is developed by the brand through a process created and perfected according to the collections, almost manual in the manufacture of the fabrics.Thanks to artisan techniques, the pieces are designed and constructed one by one And almost unblemished yarn to thread, in a blend of weaving and knitting that gives it a unique and exclusive look.This collection is the reflection of the main concept and distinctive motif of the Pé de Chumbo brand: textures.

The gleams and pleats marked the collection of Alves/Gonçalves that "represents several confrontations: oversize vs longilíneo, feminine vs male dialect, simplicity vs. urban vs. austerity, order vs disorder and spleen vs. glare. This is a work where it is possible to observe the lightness of more ethereal materials, conjugated with other thicker and warm and soft touch. Technical details on finishes, natural fibers vs fibers with artificial surfaces, foil films, all over, varnish, iridescent. On velvets, lace, crepes, and wool. Pleated pleats and prints on Persian rugs. The highlights are black, gray, red and deep blue. A feminine, intimate and irreverent look, but interpreting the new codes of the times of now. In this process the classic served as inspiration for the proposal, making it more emotive and modern. "

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