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The winter here and beyond

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The fall/winter 2017-18 collection from Alexandra Moura and Alves/Gonçalves are introspective.

Always fascinated by distant cultures, identity, and History, Alexandra Moura finds in the historical period of the Portuguese expansion a romantic
and nostalgic heritage that still today distinguishes Portugal in the world.
For Autumn/Winter 2017/2018, the collection is looking to build a stronger connection with nature and ancestral origins, drawing its inspiration in the
Portuguese colonial empire in the XVIII century, and its presence in East-Timor, reaching up to Indonesia. Following this ancient intercultural dialogue, all of the opposing forces in the colonial past of Alexandra’s homeland are summarized as an important influence on the construction of such an intriguing identity, both in Portugal and the island of Timor, up to present days.
The iconic deconstruction work of contemporary pieces borrows subtle details from ethnic clothing and European romanticism. Traditional fabrics and prints from Timor and Indonesia are motifs to the jacquard sweaters with a shredded effect, suggesting impressions of the passage of time and distant memories.
Ranging from ochre tones to brown mixed with dark tones which contrasts with the light blue,the yellow and golden tones. Jacquard with lamé, sweatshirt, thick wool and trench are manipulated to create new tweaked silhouettes and bold volumes for a sensitive and contemporary customer who values uniqueness.

Alves/Gonçalves present a mixture of patterns and materials in an emotional, eclectic and individualistic potpourri.
Casual overlays are evident, where the classical is brought back and the masculine and the feminine intercept.
The loose, tailored volumes go hand in hand with the fluid nature of the prints and loose white shirts. There are technical finishes on the pleats. Denim is mixed with fur, giving an urban look.
This collection finds simplicity in the straight, feminine cuts. Silk, velvet, cashmere and denim are the main characters in this quest for authenticity

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