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100 taboos

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It's a show about sex in SIC woman.


It may seem a provocation address the various aspect of the Portuguese sexuality in a television program, but what actually contributes to the success of this type of content, in particular the "100 taboos", is the presenter, Marta Crawford a true veteran in television terms, renowned researcher in this area and someone who has a great ability to communicate. I think what makes the difference between it and the other congeners is above all her telegenic looks and the comfortable way she addresses some of the issues that are still taboo in our society. Perchance her classic beauty aids in sober and credible image that is intended for this type of television programs, since in many cases it seems almost implied that talking about sex always involves libidinous scenarios with hostess that only debit a pre-defined text, which is not the case. The aim is to elucidate and discuss for 30 minutes in an atmosphere of social gathering some of the doubts and prejudices related to sex and I can see that "100 taboos" can do it intelligently.

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