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5 to midnight

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They came back with the same format, some new faces and a new time scheduale.

It is one of the most irreverent and innovative programs of public television. The format remains the same, with the same humor and the hottest and unusual questions. Currently, the boys gave a qualitative jump (warning: it depends on the point of view) and instead of channel 2 are now firm and stiff, as a hot iron bar at the end of the nights in the first channel. I really like the program and the different styles of interviewers / comedians, what I do not forgive is the lack of equal opportunities for women interviewers, if that exists for the parties should be a law for certain television programs. It's true! Too many idiots that is men full of ideas, for my taste. Where is the female view of the phenomenon "5 to midnight"? Rather than start a campaign in favor of amending the symbol "taste" of a certain American social network and making more millions to Mark Zuckerberg, they should do a casting for a new rebel sharp-tongued lady for evenings of channel 1. And I do not dare to come with the excuse that they tried and no one show up! Come back Filomena Cautela you're much missed. ;)

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