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Your face is so familiar

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It's an entertainment evening TV show of TVI

It is an unusual format that allows you to show the talent of local artists and television stars. Everything is programmed to the smallest detail, the stage, the characterization of the participants, the presenters and the jury on service. Nothing is random. So much so that "your face is very familiar" became a hit for audiences dethroning the "idols" of the SIC that are issued about the same time. It is a program for families and shows the vocal and interpretive skills of the participants who are assessed at the end by a panel of judges and the public. The thing that really caught my attention in this new format is the innate talent of some of the voices who participated, as was the case of Toy and Romana, authentic portent voices, capable of molding their tone to any musical register and yet check their singing careers with songs that fell short of their true capabilities. Also commendable is the professionalism of the production that demonstrates a great ability to turn this variety show into a good television moment, the passages of the plans provide even more vibrancy to the event itself and you may even disagree, but the hearings in this matter are sovereign.

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