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The true story of the secret

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It's more a reflection on the phenomenon of the "secret story".

I recently read a news article announcing the entry of 105 000 people for the new edition of the "secret story" issued by TVI. More, a new champion of audiences for this early autumn, however, What afflicts most national columnists is the comparing of this number with the stastistics data of students who entered in the universities and the television show wins again , ie, there are more people wanting to be instant superstars than wth college degrees. Will be this a prelude to another scrap generation? Seems daunting, is not it? In fact, we cannot forget that we live in world now where it became profitable to be famous without doing anything special, or for the worst motives, showing the more obscene and decadent facet of life, thanks to reality shows swarming through the various cable TV channels. And on this subject there is literally for all tastes! The trend that came to stay from the States manufactures, for decades, pseudo-TV stars that all they have to do is to be "themselves". Not to mention the social networks that extended the rampant narcissism of anonymous people who publish every day pictures of themselves with or without clothes, at a breakneck and unhealthy pace.
Came to the point of valuing not having any aptitude in special to be on television or in the media, just for this purpose all they have to be is funny, rude and stupid. So these are people who will lead the country? Of course not! Because these will be entertained with the number of likes on facebook, posting pictures on Instagram, or other related sites of the moment. The comparison, in my view, was precipitated, because it does not take into account that we are sunk in an economic crisis that impoverished families, which means that fewer young people can have the opportunity to access the universities. Second, unemployment is still rampant, and it remains an especially harsh reality for these new generations, who cannot even access a first opportunity to enter the labor market and third point in a country aimlessly, where we do not know what it will be tomorrow, where a dream nation does not exist, it is natural that many seek solutions where none exist, or which are only ephemeral and fictitious. Does anyone still remember the name of the person who won the first "secret story"?

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